Seismological observation on Spitsbergen

Storfjorden monitor (old version)

This section contains results of automatic detection and location Storfjorden seismic events. This sequence of events has started after a strongest intraplate earthquake of Spitsbergen region which occured on February 21 2008 with moment magnitude Mw=6.1. The data presented in this section is collected and processed in near real-time mode.

Infrasound on Spitsbergen

In 2010, on the basis of the seismic station BRBB the new siesmo-infrasonic micro array was created. This micro array is unique to this region due to year-round registration mode

Esmark glacier

In 2012 an equipment for north shore Isfjord glaciers activity monitoring was installed. This works was carried out in a framework of the project "Study of Seismic and Infrasound effects caused by glaciers".

Storfjorden seismic sequence study

This section contains first results of Storfjorden seismic sequence study.