EL seismological software

EL (Events Locator) is main software we use to process seismological data. See also illustrations of EL. It solves the following tasks:

  • Quick access to the disk loop of Apatity and Apatity array data (see. Seismic network, data processing for AP0 and APA stations;
  • Automatic detection and location of seismic events and saving their recordings to data base. The location algorithm is close to Generalized Beamforming approach : it makes a maximization of rating function in cells of earth-distributed grid. The grid shape is modified adaptively several times. (See illustration);
  • Manual processing of seismic events:
  • Manual location of seismic events (by P,S, Rg onsets):
    • Arc method
    • With respect to reference event
    • By Generalized Beamforming method
  • Analysis of location errors travel time models discrepancies
  • Support of seismic events data base:
    • The data base contains wave forms and extra information
    • It has a language for search and select seismic events
    • System of reports generation
    • Mapping (See example)

The EL software is described in more details in Asming Ph.D thesis, see Publications.