Access to Scandinavian (NORSAR-processed) arrays data

NORSAR processes data of seismic arrays situated in North Europe. These are SPI (Spitsbergen), ARC, NRS (Norway), HFS (Sveden), FIN (Finland). A completely automatic GBF bulletin is generated. The bulletin is situated in NORSAR site here, as a set of text files with coordinates of detected event and onsets measurements by some arrays.

Fragment of NORSAR bulletin

For seismic arrays situated in Norway NORSAR enables to request wave forms via e-mail using AutoDRM system. Results of requests are sent by e-mail in compressed CM6 data format.

Since NORSAR GBF bulletin is completely automatic, it contains a large number of false alarms i.e. entries which in fact don't correspond to real seismic events.

We in KB GS RAS developed ValView program which enables to load GBF bulletins from NORSAR site, show them on maps and estimate probability that one or another entry of the bulletin corresponds to a real seismic event (rating function is implemented).

For each event it is possible to generate request for its recordings. An AutoDRM request is generated automatically. The answer is accepted automatically, too and converted to CSS 3.0 format.

Screenshot of ValView program. The bulletin is on the right, its mapping representation is on the left. ARCES data requests is fulfilled.