Data bases

As a result of KB GS RAS activity the following data bases and archives are created and supported:

  • Archive of analog seismograms. Started in 1960-th. Contains 3C recordings of Apatity analog station and Polyarny Krug station (currently out of operation). Small number of seismograms were digitized.
  • Archive of continuous digital data of Amderma seismic station (out of operation). The archive consists of CD and DVD disks with digital data from May, 1994 till February, 2004 in source format and in a compressed form of CSS 3.0 data format. There are some gaps in the data.
  • Archive of continuous digital data of stations Apatity and Apatity array. Data are collected since 1996 on CDs and DVDs in a compressed form of CSS 3.0. format.
  • Archive of continuous digital data of GBV stations. It contains data by BRBA, BRBB stations (Spitsbergen0, RASV, GFR (Khibiny) and data by several temporary stations. The data are stored on CDs and DVDs.
  • Data base of seismic events. It contains fragments of recordings of all seismic events which were registered by Apatity and Apatity array since November,1992. For each events results of processing are stored such as coordinates, origin times and magnitudes.

The data base is implemented using EL seismological program. It enables to make a search by any combination of parameters, mapping, wave forms analysis.

Example of work of EL built-in data base. Seismic events for year 2000 are plotted on the map. For each event the data base contains wave forms which can be easily looked through.

The data base contains recordings of about 20,000 seismic events including different kinds of explosions, earthquakes, ore falls in mines, acoustic signals. The data format is compressed CSS 3.0, the data are stored on CDs.